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Running Through Adversity: Kallup McCoy II

With the overdose death of my sister happening the day after my first 50miler of the year, I didn’t get to share my race experience so here goes...

I’ve come to learn through my short time in the ultra world that these races are much like our life experiences. I’ve come to believe that as a follower of Jesus, if He were walking this earth today He would be a huge fan of ultra running maybe even volunteering and kicking it at aid stations or making an amazing race director. Jesus walked up and down the Holy Land, always speaking in parables. The parables or analogies I experience during these physically, mentally, and spiritually taxing endeavors are close kin to that of our very own lives! The ups and downs, (both emotionally and literally) the highs and lows, one minute singing the next crying, the minute by minute, step by step progress it sometimes takes to persevere and overcome challenges, situations and circumstances show up in my life with regularity. The constant praying and conversations I have with God are always humbling. The mental fortitude it takes to train for, and complete these races perpetuate into my everyday decisions. It’s truly a beautiful roller coaster that cannot be explained with sufficiency. It’s like Jesus Himself, He cannot truly be explained, He must be experienced and revealed. I truly believe Jesus is an avid fan of ultra running so I will continue to seek and experience Him through the alluring, purifying pain and suffering that is the ultra world.

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