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Episode 7: Ginger Malcom

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Today we have special guest Ginger Malcom on the show!

Ginger Malcom is a strong and accomplished advocate and motivational impact speaker for the recovery community. As a person of long term recovery herself, she draws on her own experiences of progress and setback due to the use of drugs and alcohol to touch the lives of many seeking the freedom and happiness she now enjoys. Upon achieving state and international certifications in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Ginger has been a determined activist for government reform.

She was a participant in the 2014 Criminal Justice Reform of the State of Georgia’s “Ban the Box” Executive Order. Her primary goal is to assist others in facilitating change afforded to everyone in recovery. Yes, she personally lived through the pain, loss, and ugly side of drug addiction. However, today she relishes the joy that comes in finding a new way to live, returning to families and friends drug-free, and proving her worth as a welcomed member of a community.

In her presentations she encourages, motivates, and educates others to

“thrive through recovery to celebrate life!”

Tune in at 7 for a live sneak peek!

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