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Episode 54: Jill Love Phoenix & Kevin Krzyzaniak

I am originally from Omaha, and at the age of 18 moved north of Seattle for 5 years, before moving to Asheville in 2002. I have been married twice, both to men who suffered from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Now in a relationship of just over three years, with Kevin Krzyzaniak, who is in recovery from substances. I discovered Yoga in 1998 as a way to escape and find comfort in the unhappy marriage I was in at the time, and began the path of recovery from years of physical and mental abuse from my mother, especially regarding body image shaming. I started teaching yoga in 2016 and currently am enrolled in two additional teacher trainings, eventually wanting to focus on recovery based yoga practices. I wish to spread the immense healing potential that yoga, mindfulness, and meditation can bring to all those who suffer from addiction and harmful lifestyles.

I grew up in upstate NY and have moved up and down the east coast before landing in Asheville 9 yrs ago. I have an 18 yr old son who lives in SC. I have been in recovery for almost 2 years. My substances were alcohol and various drugs including psychedelics, pain killers and cocaine. I went to rehab in Del Ray, Fl a little over a year ago and have been sober since. I am active in the AA fellowship, Refuge Recovery and Original Recovery. I practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga and hike on a daily basis, as well as volunteering regularly. I started my own business three years ago, Blue Ridge Chaga Connection, wild crafting medicinal and edible mushrooms as well as leading plant and mushroom walks. I have been foraging for nearly eight yrs. I currently work in a methadone clinic as a counselor and am a certified peer support specialist. I would like to expand my business as my primary career but also travel for a living in the future.

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