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Episode 50: Matt Ball

Matt is a Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Humane Clinic, Adelaide (www.humaneclinic.com.au ). With Stephanie Mitchell, Matt is proactive in starting new projects that offer alternatives in our community. The latest projects of Humane Clinic include Re-Awaken Australia (www.Re-AwakenAustralia.com.au  ) in partnership with the National Empowerment Centre and Digital Eyes Film and Psychosis 365 (www.fb.com/psychosis365 )

Matt facilitates the Hearing Voices and psychotherapy approaches with people experiencing extraordinary realities, often labelled as ‘psychosis’. He continues to pursue the reality of a public mental health system that does not medicalise human distress

Awarded 2017 Australian Mental Health Nurse of the year he speaks on subjects of hearing voices, ‘psychosis’, trauma, the need for change  and human to human approaches with people in distress. He is the Chair of ISPS Australia.

His work is informed by his lived experience of madness and un madness - both in his personal and professional journey! 

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