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Episode 43: Jennifer Nicolaisen Executive Director at Seek Healing

Following from the most recent research in psychology & neuroscience, we provide individuals who are healing from an addiction crisis with frequent and intentional experiences of authentic, interpersonal connection. We provide long-term, equal-opportunity aftercare that destigmatizes addiction and helps individuals form integrated relationships in their communities.

The grassroots program (currently operating in Asheville, NC) trains volunteers in authentic relating techniques and matches them with people in early stages of addiction recovery. Program participants meet with their "Person" once a week and gather to socialize with the whole cohort once a month. These gatherings involve further exposure to and training in: building healthy relationships, minimizing shame, and inspiring safe, interpersonal vulnerability. (They also involve lots of good food, playing games, and hanging out.)

Through the program, participants are also introduced to SeekHealing's network of "Connection Agents": local small business owners and non-profit leaders who provide discounted introductions to their communities or services (i.e., yoga studios, church bible studies, basketball leagues, martial arts clubs, improv comedy meetups, hiking groups, service organizations, etc). The program assists individuals in exploring and engaging in the activities & communities they choose.

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