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Episode 42: Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper aka Change Agent Cooper is a North Carolina Native who has lived most of his life in Asheville, NC where he is currently serving as a vessel for God. His clean date is 1/16/09. He grew up in the projects, where he learned to live like his role models, who were gangsters. At this time, he fell in love with the life of crime. He managed to graduate high school but started using harder drugs while in college, as well as selling drugs in large amounts. He eventually caught some serious charges and done 3 years in prison, which he claims is the best thing that has ever happened to him. After being released from prison, he continued to participate in the 12 Step Fellowship, as well as giving back to the community, where he made a name for himself that landed him the job that he is in now, which is Career Navigator. In this role, Change Agent Cooper specializes in coaching former offenders as well as coordinating career navigation with companies and modifying hiring policies to better serve former offenders.

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