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Episode 39: Chelsea Burrell

Chelsea Burrell, a Swain County native, received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at NC State University. In pursuit of a bold dream of becoming a psychologist, she received her Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where Chelsea also became a certified Health Coach. In grad school, Chelsea ditched the idea of becoming a psychologist (for now) and found an undiscovered passion for health and wellness, driving her to pursue a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance. Her love of the WNC community, as well as her family, brought her back to the mountains where she taught Health and Wellness and Stress Management at WCU until accepting her new role as the Community Wellness Outreach Coordinator for Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital.

Chelsea is a health coach, wellness outreach coordinator, teacher, and student, but even more, a fitness enthusiast, dog mom, sports lover, secret baker, adamant traveler, and dedicated Christmas gal. Being healthy is not a size or mile time, it is a lifestyle, and she is passionately aspiring to make communities healthier.

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