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Episode 38: Matt Nannis

I do what I can to emulate the efforts of those who embraced and supported me when I first actively engaged in living my life with new priorities, new curiosities, an open heart and an open mind. The connection and phenomena that I experience when I am on and around the rivers, ridges, peaks, and valleys of this area are beyond words. To that end, I created PIVOTPoint WNC, LLC to offer up a safe, supportive space where the cultivation and application of mindfulness might take root. PIVOTPoint WNC strives to utilize evidence-based models of care to support those seeking healing and a mindful approach to life. While exploring mindfulness practice and its benefits, we are all about living more joyful, adventurous days and establishing solid footing to best embrace our path. We want to encourage you to reframe your perception and reimagine your way.

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