• Courtney

Episode 20: Lauren garvie

Introducing Monday’s guest on the podcast... tune in at 7pm to catch her story!

“I am Lauren Garvie from Hinsdale, NH. I graduated high school there then moved to Asheville in 2005. My addiction started then with sports no longer in the picture my life spiraled out of control on a path of IV use and prison and jail multiple times. I found recovery in jail from my now sponsor in October 2016. When I was released, I went to First at the Blue Ridge where I graduated and was able as a felon, to be hired by the Biltmore Company, where I now work as a cook. I am recently a peer support specialist and love going to the prison to give strength, experience, and hope to the 140 woman that come every Monday. Some of them even follow in my footsteps and go to First to try their recovery that way. I wouldn’t be here today without God and recovery, and I am an advocate at all hours of the day. Losing my mom five months ago has been extremely hard but made me see how I am so blessed. I walk with more purpose than ever and am always trying to make her proud!”

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