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Episode 15: Jermaine Brawley

Monday night we welcome Jermaine Brawley &Samantha Bradley to the podcast. Samantha shared her story on episode 4 of NC Raw and now it is time to find out what Jermaine experienced along her journey to long-term recovery.

"Samantha and I met in 2015 at the YWCA of Asheville. I was a recent graduate that moved into the area because I landed a job as childcare teacher. She and Liam were both new to the area as well. Every day she would come in to pick Liam up from school I would find ways to talk to her, of course, because I thought she was beautiful. Eventually, and after much consideration, I decided to ‘slide into her DMs’. For everyone above the age of 34, this means I sent her a direct message via social media... yeah. In all seriousness, since that moment we’ve learned how to make life work as a family. We both have stable jobs in the mental health field; I work with children and Samantha works with adults. I speak for myself and Samantha when I say it was a blessing for us to find each other.

Peace & Love,

The Brawley’s"

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